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Our Hereford Goals

Weetalabah currently runs approximately 80 Hereford cows on 1280 acres at Chinchilla in south west Queensland, Australia, focusing on quiet temperament, structural soundness, easy doing, high milk neat compact udders, medium framed, and well-muscled females. The Stud's aim is to produce bulls for the commercial buyer that will not only give them perfect females to retain but have exceptional steers for the domestic trade.

Our horned hereford goal is to keep horned herefords as pure as we can (to the best of our knowledge) and to produce polled bulls with that extra thickness and do-abilty of the hereford breed while maintaining functional cattle that are high achievers in milk and muscle, without going for the extreme in frame score, whilst still maintaining a sound strcuture.

All calves are weaned no later than 6 months of age following the strict ELMS weaning protocols. (This enables the rumen to be set up for the life of the animal). Since starting on the Protocals in 2006 the cattle are eating less and maintaining their body weights for longer even in the constant droughts. This has also allowed for less grain to be used on the bulls to finish them for sale.

The Weetalabah Hereford Herd has also been a member of Hereford Group Breedplan since 1991.

Each year Weetalabah sells bulls at Wodonga National Sale, Glen Innes Hereford Sale and through private on farm sales.

A small portion are shown at Major shows like Beef Expo every 3 years and Brisbane show every August and some local shows.