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Queensland All Breeds Junior Show, October 5th & 6th (long weekend)

2013 a huge success

The junior show was once again held at Oakey showgrounds over the October long weekend. Competitors got to clip an animal, participate in team games prepare animals and generally there was  fun and games to be had by all involved.

Junior Paraders was won by Maddie Hale, with Isabel Glasser in second.

Senior Paraders was won by BJ Sherwin, with Aaron Randal in second.

Junior Juding in the Juniors was won by Aleacea Nixon, with second going to Will McGregor.

Junior Judging in the Seniors was won by Lawrence Semish-Lahey, with second going to BJ Sherwin.

Junior Encouragement award went to Will McGregor and Senior Encouragment to Emma Hale.

Junior Herdsman was won by Emiley Nixon, and Senior Herdsman by Gemma Hartwig.

Junior All round Cattle Person was won by Aleacea Nixon and Senior All round cattle Person was won by Kaiti McGregor.

With 22 competitors, from age 7 to 17.  The show was held on the one day, with games in the morning followed by competitions in the afternoon. The awards were spread around amongst all competitors. Junior judging in the juniors was won by Aleacea Nixon, and Lawrence Sehmish-Lahey in the seniors. Paraders was won by Maddiie Hale in the juniors and BJ Sherwin in the seniors. The herdsman award for the juniors was won by first timer Emiley Nixon and for the seniors Gemma Hartwig. The overall cattle person for the juniors was won by Aleacea Nixon and Kaiti McGregor in the seniors. Well done to all involved and if there is any suggestions for next year including dates please let me know.

Julie & Aderian will be again holding their annual junior show at Oakey, but it has been postponed now to the September Holidays.  They have both been very strongly involved in the youth, throughout their lives and have both attended local Hereford Youth Clubs and then helped in the organisation of the QLD Hereford Youth Club and the New England Hereford Youth Club respectively. They have both travelled extensively in America and Canada having both won trips through the Australian Hereford Society. They have their own fitting service and operate a Hereford and Poll Hereford stud and a Gelbvieh stud.

The All Breeds Junior Show is to be held at the Oakey showgrounds over the September Holidays each year. It is open to anyone under 25 years of age and all beef breeds of cattle. It is designed as a 1 1/2 day back to basics, fun learning weekend. It is not necessary to have your own cattle but you are required to enter  by the 30th August and come prepared to have heaps of fun and meet new and exciting people.

Entry forms now available for the 5th & 6th October (Full day Saturday, half  day Sunday)

Please email Julie if you are interested in attending.

Download the 2014-entry-form.pdf